What is the outlook for the Australian dollar?

With the dollar falling below parity for the first time in a year, how low will it go?

Will it return to what economists say is the natural level of 75-80 cents?

What triggers would push it further?

Join Business Spectator's leading economists Stephen Koukoulas and Adam Carr to discuss the factors that are affecting the Aussie.

Discussing factors that is affecting the Aussie Dollar Including:

 •   Technical issues affecting the AUD
 •   Impact of easing will have on the dollar's value
 •   How a lower dollar will affect Australia's economy
 •   What a lower dollar means for interest rates
 •   Investment and trading strategies under a more volatile currency

The webinar was hosted by Jackson Hewett, editor of Business Spectator

Unleashing Peak Performance - Lessons from the Australian Open

In this fascinating webinar, Dr Ann Quinn, a peak peformance coach who helped Pat Cash and Pat Rafter win Wimbledon, talks about how lessons from the tennis world can be applied to high-performing executives. Watch to see how you can deal with expectation and pressure and the loneliness of being at the top, and get some real inside scoops on the pro tennis circuit!



Megatrends in 2013

The effects of a megatrend can be found everywhere: in the economy, in our day-to-day lives and in our social value systems. Megatrends are forces of development. domestic or global, that will define our future and its increasing pace of change. Join Alan Kohler and Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine, who will present on a range of trends that are impacting Australia - certainly giving you something to think about as we head into a new year.

Live - Google's Michael T. Jones

Join us for a webinar with the Chief Technology Advocate of Google, Michael T. Jones, the man behind Google Maps, Earth, and Local Search. Michael advises governments and corporations around the world on how technology is changing business. He touches on his presentation at the Creative Innovation conference, discusses how Google fosters innovation and harnesses user feedback to create and improve products, and answers some great questions about the future of education and much more. 

5 key indicators the Australian dollar will depreciate

There's been a lot of talk recently about the Australian dollar and whether or not it should be where it is. In this webinar we discuss the main factors influencing the dollar and focus on the specific ones that suggest the dollar should depreciate over the medium term. Join Market Spectator editor Ben Potter, IG Market's Chief Market Strategist Chris Weston and David Forrester, Senior Vice President, G10 FX Strategy, Macquarie Group, as they discuss the current themes influencing the dollar.

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

It's either sink or swim in today's economy, and the difference between the two lies in your ability to make wise choices.

Join Josh Farrell, Managing Director of FranklinCovey, as he dives into The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity, a guide to a new paradigm of roles, practices and masteries that will keep you afloat with results you never thought possible.

The future of international climate policy

Significant breakthrough or just putting off till tomorrow what should have been done today? The Durban climate change talks have ended with a mixture of elation and disappointment. Who has got it right? What are the implications for Australia, clean technology investments and the carbon market?

Stock market trends in the year ahead

Global stock markets remain highly volatile. In the three months to March 31 this year ASX investors enjoyed a rise of more than 6% to see most of it lost in two weeks in mid-May. Yet there remains strong opportunities and lively trading across many markets.

Clearly 2012 remains dominated by three key factors - EU instability, China's ability to manage a 'soft' landing and the patch US economic recovery. Yet while there are clouds on the horizon the period has also offered some remarkable events such as the float of Facebook.

What are the key drivers for the second half of 2012? Will they remain the same as earlier in the year or are new forces emerging that will dictate the ultimate outcomes of calendar 2012?

Synthetic Fuels – what are they and why do we need them?

Synthetic fuels are a little known part of our energy mix, but they could play a critical role in the future energy challenge. What are they and why do we need them? And what role is Australian research playing in the sector?

Join CSIRO research scientists Nick Burke and Dr Valerie Sage, along with Climate Spectator editor Giles Parkinson to learn more about these technologies.