Successful Habits

 Do you know the top 10 habits of successful SMEs? No one ever knows all there is to know about being the best in the business, there are always fresh and new ways to look at things that you might not have thought of. Business Spectator’s free Short Course on Successful Habits will take you through the basics of planning and structuring, tax, outsourcing, business property, budgeting and much more.

Company Results

Do you know the secrets from the latest profit season that will take your business to the next level?Company results give a good indication of how particular industries are faring and trends that you need to be aware of in order to make the appropriate changes in your business.Business Spectator’s Short Course on Company Results outlines ten industries and their results from the last reporting season, including telcos, miners, financials, media, construction companies and many more.

Sales Strategies

Do you know the top sales strategies to take your business to the next level? If you are a small business owner or a salesperson who isn't realising the results you desire, either you don't have a proper sales strategy, or you aren't correctly implementing the one you have. Business Spectator’s Short Course on Sales Strategies shows you what trends to look for, new rules for prospecting, managing lead conversions and tweaking your marketing strategy, and much more.

Tech Tools

Do you know which tech tools will take your business to the next level? Sometimes it might not seem like it, but technology is now making running a business a lot easier – you just have to know how to take full advantage of the benefits available to you. Business Spectator’s Short Course on Tech Tools will outline areas from where to find new insights and trends in your industry, to the NBN, digital accounting, cybercrime and smarter ways, including devices, to maintain operational efficiency, ensuring you have the right resources to tackle it all.

Financing Growth

Need the know-how to start financing growth in your business? If your business has been around for a while, or if you are just starting out, you will reach a stage where it is time to think about where and how you can grow.Business Spectator’s Short Course on Financing Growth is the best place to start. Business growth has disadvantages and advantages, and you need to know both how your business is performing, and how to identify growth potential.

Tax Strategies

As a business owner you are entitled to many benefits – but you have to be informed and prepared to take full advantage of them. Business Spectator’s Short Course on Tax Strategies will help you find out what these are. The course covers topics such as, tax checklists, gearing your business, borrowing to maximise deductions, family trust structures, superannuation options, audit insurance and much more.

Short Course: Tax Strategies

Tax should be a year-round concern for your business. It's an opportunity to save money  ... at best it's a chance for your enterprise to earn money ... tax free! But first you have to know what to do and when to do it.Your top priority must be to optimise your presentation of income and expenses for the end of the tax year. But do you know what do to? It helps to know at any time of the year and prepare accordingly. This Short Course on Tax Strategies will help you along the way.

The Private Cloud

The team at Technology Spectator have produced a special report on Cloud Computing.


  • What is cloud computing?
  • The benefits of cloud computing
  • Making the move to the cloud
  • Public v private cloud
  • The hybrid cloud
  • The future of the data centre